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You have probably heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tool, but do you know what SEO is and why it is so important for business? Before understanding why SEO is so important, you have to know

In web and app design, you might come across UX and UI, these two terms. However, many of the people might not truly know what they are as they are two of the most often confused terms in web and

If you want to promote your business on social media, what would be your first choice? Is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Snapchat or Instagram? Perhaps many of the businesses would choose Facebook over the other four. Yes, Facebook is definitely

Have you ever wondered why companies like Google, Amazon and Apple are so successful that their competitors would rarely have a chance to compete against them? The answer is that because they make sure that every of their products delivered

In this technology era, businesses use social media as a marketing tool to reach a wider audience and to promote their brands. Facebook is one of the top social media platforms that businesses use. However, for the past few years,

Have you ever experienced that you find it so hard to see things on the phone where you need to pinch and zoom? This is a bad experience that everyone would not want to experience and would definitely feel annoying

In our lives, mistakes are unavoidable. Same when it goes to a website, no matter how good is the design, errors are unavoidable too. A bad error message could be frustrating to the users and make them have a poor

In the previous article, we have shared on why a business needs a website and at the end we have come across few reasons for this. As a consumer, we always search online to get the information we want to

If your business only has a physical store where people can only visit your store to make purchases, perhaps you should consider building a website for your business. However, if your business has a website, you should make good use